Streamline Development Group provides a full complement of real estate development services to take your housing project from conception to completion in a pain-free, streamlined process. With all work done either in-house or in close synchronization with our team of experienced engineers and architects, Streamline Development Group is the one-stop-shop for any property owner, real estate investor or developer who wants to get their project off the ground quickly. Below is a list of our services.

Preliminary Analysis, Concept Planning and Design

Evaluating property for highest and best use, conducting market studies and comparable analysis, analyzing costs and revenues as well as timelines for completion, creating a full financial feasibility analysis and plan for project processing.

Full Project Design

Full scale project design consisting of full architectural and engineering packages for all submittals, project management and coordination.

Entitlement and Permit Processing

Full hands-on permit processing service: we don't use permit runners so your project will always be processed in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. With years of experience processing projects through multiple development services departments in San Diego County, Streamline Development Group can save time and money on the front end of your project.

Budgetting and Project Planning

With decades of experience in the construction industry, Streamline will analyze project plans and create detailed construction budgets and cost analyses that are used for obtaining construction financing and comparing with bids from other General Contractors.

Construction Loan Assistance

With our connections throughout the banking industry, we can streamline the loan process and assist with applying for and obtaining the right construction financing at the right price.

Construction Management

Our General Contracting team has nearly 30 years of contracting experience, with both General Building and Engineering licenses required for the full construction of your project. With our team of work crews and contractors, we can save time and money on construction with specialized management practices that have been honed over the course of three decades of building.

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