Our comprehensive team of development professionals will be able to assist you in the planning, processing, financing and building of your real estate project.

John Allen
Founder and Principal

Graduating from San Diego State University in 2010 and completing Real Estate Certificate Programs from USD in 2014, John immediately sought to establish himself in the residential development world. Through acute knowledge and connections in the entitlement world, background in finance and awareness of the intricacies associated with the development process, John has been able to secure the development and construction of over 100 housing units to date. John is also CEO of the sister organization, Southern California Youth Alliance, a non-profit housing development organization created to provide housing, entrepreneurial and continuing education opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

Greg Chapman
VP Marketing

Greg has expertise in the marketing and photography industries, and is the founder and principal of the social media marketing company, Gentleman Gorilla. An entrepreneur at heart, Greg has taken charge of website and content creation, as well as brand ambassadorship, for Streamline Development Group and its sister non-profit organization, Southern California Youth Alliance.

Greg Wayer
VP Finance

Greg is a 1984 Purdue graduate and has held executive positions in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years. He has worked with three of the largest banks in the US: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase; and has expertise in the areas of operations, servicing, sales and business development. Actively consulting and investing in a variety of technologies, including the wind and solar industries, Greg has taken an active role in real estate property development, from single family residences to multi-family housing projects.

David Allen
VP Construction

With nearly 40 years of development experience, David holds numerous licenses and certifications in real estate. He is a licensed General Building Contractor, General Engineering Contractor, Certified Land Use & Environmental Planner, and Real Estate Broker. David provides consulting services and project management for Streamline Development Group projects and helps run the Pre-Apprentice Program for So Cal Youth Alliance.

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