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Keating Apartments

Along the bluffs overlooking the San Diego International Airport, San Diego Bay, and the Downtown San Diego skyline, this planned high-rise development lies within the boundaries of Mission Hills. This project will boast the best views in the neighborhood, with a beautiful rooftop deck and a private cul-de-sac entrance, making this one of the best and most exclusive apartment projects in the City. This project is currently in concept design.

4th and Palm

This 72-unit development in the heart of Banker's Hill sits across the street from Extraordinary Desserts in one of San Diego's best and most desirable submarkets, located just two blocks away from Balboa Park and a brisk walk from Downtown. Once approved, this project will reimagine and reinvigorate a currently outdated medical building on a corner lot in a premier area. This project is currently in review.

5th and Brookes

This 126-unit development on the northern edge of Balboa Park in Banker's Hill promises to be a landmark project for the area. Located on a prominent corner in the gateway from Hillcrest to Banker's Hill, this property will support a 10-story mixed-use apartment project, featuring high-end finishes and premier amenities. With views of Balboa Park to the Southeast and the ocean to the West, 5th and Brookes will boast some of the best units in the City. This project is currently in design development.

Polk Place

On the corner of Polk and Illinois in San Diego's booming North Park neighborhood, this 137 project will embody everything that Streamline strives for in our projects: sustainability; community; character; quality; uniqueness. With a beautiful open design and robust amenity package, Polk Place will cater to the eclectic nature of our amazing North Park community. Having reimagined how community space should be designed, we believe this project will allow for a brand new work-from-home experience and will be a landmark for the North Park area. This project is currently in design development.

Imperial and 17th

In the Southeastern corner of Downtown San Diego, Streamline has taken a blighted triplex and designed a transformational 107 unit apartment complex. Located only blocks away from Petco Park, our tenants will enjoy the bustling lifestyle of a vibrant and energetic Downtown area, while enjoying the comforts of home. This 8-story project will feature high end units and amenities at much more affordable pricing than is typically seen in the Downtown areas, which will make them highly sought after. This project is currently in design development.

40rty On Colony

This 40-unit apartment development in La Mesa highlights Streamline Development Group's ability to provide desirable, high-quality housing on land that is extremely difficult to develop. With the extreme grades and development constraints specific to this site, it has remained undeveloped until now. With 5 units affordable to low-income families, numerous amenities and a desirable location close to SDSU and the freeway, this project will become a fixture in the community. With entitlements and permits in hand, this project is ready to break ground in 2021.

Romeria Pointe Apartments

This is a high-end 23-unit apartment complex in the heart of Carlsbad on another hillside slope. Surrounded by condo complexes, these luxury apartments demonstrate Streamline's range of product and ability to change a previously-infeasible project site into a high-quality apartment complex. With full entitlements in hand, building permits are currently being processed with construction slated for early 2022.

Resort View Apartments

Located on the famed Omni La Costa golf course in Carlsbad, this 26-unit project provides dualing townhome-style units facing the golf course and roomy flats with large decks and ample amenities. With the feel of a high-end resort, this complex further demonstrates Streamline's adaptability to the needs of a site while maintaining financial feasibility. With full entitlements in hand, building permits are currently being processed with construction slated for early 2022.

Hillside Apartment Homes

Hillside Apartment Homes is another example of Streamline Development Group's ability to tackle difficult-to-develop sites. This sloping site will soon be home to 18 units, 2 of which will be affordable to low-income families. An infill lot down the street from SDSU in an urban setting surrounded by apartments, it will house students and low-income families in a gentrifying area of San Diego. Placed in service July, 2019.

Rolling Hills Apartment Homes

Rolling Hills Apartment Homes is a 34-unit housing project designed for an affordable housing developer with the idea of housing families of veterans and low-income individuals in North San Diego County. Set on a mildly sloping site, it features a high level of amenities and open space, providing tenants with quality affordable housing and large, spacious rental units. This project was conceptual in nature, with progress still pending.

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