40rty On Colony

This 40-unit apartment development in La Mesa highlights Streamline Development Group's ability to provide desirable, high-quality housing on land that is extremely difficult to develop. With the extreme grades and development constraints specific to this site, it has remained undeveloped until now. With 5 units affordable to low-income families, numerous amenities and a desirable location close to SDSU and the freeway, this project will become a fixture in the community. With entitlements already in hand, this project is projected to break ground by Spring, 2021.

Romeria Pointe Apartments

This is a high-end 23-unit apartment complex in the heart of Carlsbad on another hillside slope. Surrounded by condo complexes, these luxury apartments demonstrate Streamline's range of product and ability to change a previously-infeasible project site into a high-quality apartment complex. Scheduled to start construction Fall, 2021.

Resort View Apartments

Located on the famed Omni La Costa golf course in Carlsbad, this 26-unit project provides dualing townhome-style units facing the golf course and roomy flats with large decks and ample amenities. With the feel of a high-end resort, this complex further demonstrates Streamline's adaptability to the needs of a site while maintaining financial feasibility.

Hillside Apartment Homes

Hillside Apartment Homes is another example of Streamline Development Group's ability to tackle difficult-to-develop sites. This sloping site will soon be home to 18 units, 2 of which will be affordable to low-income families. An infill lot down the street from SDSU in an urban setting surrounded by apartments, it will house students and low-income families in a gentrifying area of San Diego. Placed in service July, 2019.

Rowhomes at Hamilton and Madison

This 4-unit rowhome development in the heart of North Park follows the trend of the highly-desired, contemporary, high-quality sale units that have been so popular lately. With spacious, open floor plans and smart interior design to maximize privacy and comfort, these units will be a hot commodity upon completion in a very desirable area. Currently under construction.

Rolling Hills Apartment Homes

Rolling Hills Apartment Homes is a 34-unit housing project designed for an affordable housing developer with the idea of housing families of veterans and low-income individuals in North San Diego County. Set on a mildly sloping site, it features a high level of amenities and open space, providing tenants with quality affordable housing and large, spacious rental units. This project was conceptual in nature, with progress still pending.

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